Take Control of Your Life and Strut with Confidence

March 8, 2017

Confident people with a positive mindset often draw people to them. We love to be surrounded by confident people and sometimes look upon them with envy eyes.

More often than not, the level of self-confidence of a person is tied to their body and self-image. We are not saying that everyone should be a size two, that’s wrong. But as much as we embrace #bodypositivity, we should look towards improving health and well-being, and stay within the healthy weight range for the sake of our health.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Yu Ching, from Hongkong, shared her story about how she decided to take control of her life and overcome her body issues to become the confident woman that she is. She is more aware and informed of what is good for her body and her health so she is able to make better decisions on her lifestyle. She has shown women how we can achieve our goals if we put our minds to it.

Yu Ching, 35, Sales at a logistics company

Yu Ching was overweight since she was a child, and by the time she was in her twenties, her weight escalated to over 90 KG (200 lbs) because of her lifestyle and her bad eating habits. She enjoyed snacking, eating fried street food, and indulged in frequent suppers. Because of that, she was always feeling tired and suffered from aches and pains on her knees and heels. Although Yu Ching had a stable job and a wonderful boyfriend, she still had low self-esteem. She will always say no when her boyfriend wanted to bring her out to meet his friends, and she also had no confidence meeting clients at work.


Yu Ching (right), back in 2009.


Yu Ching, before her weight-loss in 2011.

Yu Ching started her weight loss journey trying all sorts of slimming methods that she saw online and she was very determined and also very strict on herself.  She started off by taking a full vegetable diet with no carbs and the imbalanced meal “starved” her. During the process, she managed to see good results and continued doing so for around 2 years. However, she realized that her body got a lot weaker and her energy level was really low. It was then that she realized what she was doing to her body was actually very unhealthy.

Yu Ching’s friend suggested that she should join Marie France Bodyline to take control of her body and to regain her self-confidence. Looking at how successful her friend was with losing weight at Marie France Bodyline, she decided to go for it. She sought help from the nutritionists and consultants at Marie France Bodyline and the professionals there helped her in her daily meal plans and made sure that her meals were well-balanced and nutritious, and recommended suitable treatments for her.

Yu Ching shared that her favourite treatment was the Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which expelled excess fluids and toxins in her body. It helps to relieve the lymphatic system, as well as stimulates blood circulation.  When combined with aromatherapy, this treatment helped her to destress and reduced the tensions in her body.

Together with her discipline and hard work, Yu Ching successfully dropped to a healthy weight of 57KG.


Yu Ching has become more confident after shedding those unhealthy pounds.

Nutritionist recommendation from MFB:

Ms. Yu has lost a tremendous amount of weight.  This was no mean feat.  Congratulations!  While losing large amount of weight is not easy, maintaining the weight loss is even more difficult.  Moving forward, Ms. Yu has to look into maintenance treatment and diet programs to prevent a rebound in weight.  In terms of her diet, she can afford to let go a little bit occasionally.  But by and large, it will be to her advantage to continue with her dietary discipline.

A potential problem with drastic weight loss is loose skin.  Good quality protein foods and vitamin C can stimulate the body to produce collagen that helps to firm up the skin.  Marie France Bodyline sculpting treatment is a viable alternative to toning the body.

The benefits that Ms. Yu receives from Marie France Bodyline go beyond slimming.  She experienced improved emotional and social wellness.  She now has higher self-esteem and is confident when she meets new people, and is even attracting members of the opposite sex.  Slimming does improve her quality of life.

By taking control of her body, Yu Ching regained her self-confidence with her improved self-image. She is now more confident when approaching clients at work, and much to her delight, she can also choose from a wider range of outfits. The best part? Yu Ching is now fit enough to participate in hiking and cycling trips with her friends when she couldn’t join them previously.


Speak to a nutritionist from Marie France Bodyline should you need any advice if you are inspired by Yu Ching’s story. Take control and strut with confidence like she did.


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