An Encounter With Lady Marie France (Bodyline)

August 13, 2015

“In my 1st visit, I went for VS3 Body Perfector which is one of the most recommended treatments here. It gives an immediate tightening of the skin, cellulite reduction and fat loss. During this visit, I also went for Fat Mobilization System (FMS), a cool wrap to improve skin structure and silhouette contour. FYI, I lost 1.2 kg within these 2 visits only. I AM NOT LYING. I am so happyyyyyy hahahah. And btw, during the treatments, I chatted a lot with the staffs at Marie France Bodyline, and I was very surprised to know that most of them have actually worked there for 15-20 years. Isn’t that amazing? Knowing this gives me the assurance that Marie France Bodyline is credible and professional and definitely full of love!”


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